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5th Worldwide Aquathon

Take part in the 5th Worldwide Aquathon at the Physio Pool on Saturday 11th November 2017 from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to complete all three hours.

Entry is $10 plus sponsors and donations – get your sponsorship form from the pool or on the Aqua Aerobics Facebook Group. Our instructors donate their time and all money raised goes to the Physio Pool!


Pool Party Now On Saturday 19th August

The Pool Party party had to be postponed due to weather conditions and will now be on Saturday 19th August 4.30pm to 7pm.

Tickets are still available at the pool – they are only $20 and include entry, swim and refreshments. All proceeds are going to help save the pool!

Increase in Pool Admission Charges

As from 4 September 2017 pool admission charges will be increased as follows:

  • Single swim – adult or child 5 years and over $8
  • Single swim – child under 5 years $2
  • 10 swim concession card $60
  • 10 swim concession card for adults 65 years and over $50
  • 10 swim concession card for those with a current medical certificate $50
  • Pool hire with lifeguard supplied $180 per hour

The last increase in pool admission charges occurred in January 2015. This increase, effective from 4 September, is brought about by the following factors:

  1. costs continue to rise and they need to be covered,
  2. costs exceed revenue by a significant amount and
  3. part of the strategic plan to reach viability is to increase pool admission charges progressively.

The single biggest cost is the amount which the trust pays to the SDHB, mainly for heating. In 2014, under threat of closure of the pool, the trust had to agree to a significant increase in the amount which it was paying to the SDHB. From January 2015 the amount increased from $42,667 per annum to $142,663 (plus GST). Since then, the trust has been funding the excess of costs over revenue from the donations received from the public during the Save the Pool from Closure campaign and grants from organisations such as Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation. The trustees foresaw the need to divide the campaign into two fundraising components, one for future operating costs and the other for the upgrade of the pool. In addition to resolving obvious deferred maintenance issues the upgrade was intended to achieve savings in heating costs. However, because of the proposed redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital the upgrade had to be postponed. The trust had also planned to increase admission charges progressively following the upgrade to move towards viability. Even though a decision about the redevelopment of the hospital is still awaited the trust has to proceed with increasing admission charges.

Pool Party

Join us in and around the Physio Pool on Saturday 22nd July from 4.30pm to 7pm, for our mid-winter Hawaiian themed Pool Party!

There will be prizes for fancy dress and non-alcoholic refreshments, tea, coffee and finger food will be provided.

Entertainment includes performances by Tiny Pieces of Eight, Catgut & Steel, Dunedin Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, DJ Darryl Baser and more.

Get your ticket at the pool, they are only $20 and include entry, swim and refreshments. All proceeds are going to help save the pool!
Pool Party Poster

Jewellery Evening Fundraiser

After hosting a successful Jewellery Evening fundraiser back in July, pool regular Beth Hastie is hosting a second Jewellery Evening on Wednesday 16th November at 7pm.

A selection of beautiful jewellery and watches will be available to purchase from only $5. Nibbles and drinks are provided. Held at 61 Old Brighton Road, Fairfield.

Tickets are $5 and are available at the pool. Funds raised from ticket sales will be donated to the Physio Pool! 

Worldwide Aquathon 2016

The Worldwide Aquathon 2016 is on at the Physio Pool Saturday 12th November 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

Join our instructors for three continuous hours (six half-hour sessions) of Aqua Aerobics fun, it is up to you how much you do!

Entry is $10 and sponsor forms are available at the pool – find generous people to sponsor you for every half hour you are in the pool. All money raised is going to the pool!

To find out more join the Aqua Aerobics Facebook Group.




Physiotherapist Queries Pool Maintenance

Barbara Anderson, a Dunedin physiotherapist who is rehabbing an injury of her own at the Physio Pool, queries the pool maintenance:

“We also cannot let this facility deteriorate any further — there is currently wilful neglect of the building occurring since the SDHB pulled its maintenance schedule, which is now glaringly obvious. It used to do a thorough review and repair at the end of each year, but that has clearly been withdrawn.”

Read the full ODT article here.

Watch the ODT video here.


Jewellery Evening

Physio Pool regular Beth Hastie is hosting a Jewellery Evening at 7pm on Wednesday 27th July. Tickets are $5 (donation to the pool) and are available at the pool. It will be held at 61 Old Brighton Road, Fairfield. Nibbles and drinks are provided and there will be a variety of jewellery & watches available from $5.

Jewellery Evening

Fundraising Concert – Magical Musicals

Distinctive Soundz Choir with guests ‘One Eight Four’ and ‘The Alcoves’ presents Magical Musicals.

It is on 7:30pm Thursday 19 May at the Mornington Community Centre, 16 Maryhill Terrace. There is a $5 entry fee (young children free) with door sales available. Show your support and make sure you get along to this event, all proceeds are going to the Physio Pool!

Magical Musicals Poster


Watch the Dunedin Television Nightly Interview

Trust Secretary-Treasurer Neville Martin was interviewed on Channel 39 Dunedin Television on 27th April to explain what is happening with the lease for the Physio Pool.