In November 2024, the Otago Therapeutic Pool Trust surveyed the public as part of a feasibility study about future options for the Physio Pool. The feasibility study is supported by Health New Zealand |Te Whatu Ora and the Dunedin City Council. Most respondents to the survey Pool said they preferred a new hydrotherapy centre over redeveloping the existing Physio Pool.

People were asked whether they supported the provision of a hydrotherapy pool in Dunedin and, if so, which of three options they preferred – upgrading the current Physio Pool, building a new like-for-like replacement pool on a different site, or building a new pool on a different site with additional features.

Trust Secretary-Treasurer Neville Martin said about 1,900 people responded to the survey. Over half of respondents were former users of the Physio Pool. One fifth of respondents identified as disabled.

Respondents said they wanted a new pool on a different site with additional features such as a gym, physiotherapy services, steam room, spa pool and café. They preferred a centre with additional features as well as a pool, over a like for like replacement pool on a different site.

Most respondents identified carparking as a key issue.  Car parking options will be considered as part of the feasibility study

Mr Martin said the feasibility study was nearly completed, after which the Trust would consider its recommendations and decide on the next steps.

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