Increase in Pool Admission Charges

27 June 2018

As from 1 July 2018 pool admission charges will be increased as follows:

  • Single swim – adult or child 5 years and over $9
  • Single swim – child up to 5 years $2
  • 10 swim concession ticket $70
  • 10 swim concession ticket for those with a current medical certificate $60
  • 10 swim concession ticket for adults 65 years and over $60 
  • Pool hire with life guard supplied – per hour $180   

The last increase in pool admission charges occurred in September 2017.  This  new  increase, effective from 1 July, is brought about by the following factors:

  1. costs continue to rise and they need to be covered,
  2. costs exceed revenue by a significant amount and
  3. part of the strategic plan to reach viability is to increase pool admission charges progressively.

The biggest cost is the amount which the trust pays to the SDHB, mainly for heating. In 2014, under threat of closure of the pool, the trust had to agree to a significant increase in the amount which it was paying to the SDHB. From January  2015 the amount  increased  from $42,667 (plus GST) per annum to $142,663 (plus GST). Since then, the trust has been funding the excess of costs over revenue from  the donations received from the public during the Save the Physio Pool from Closure fundraising campaign and grants from organisations such as Bendigo  Valley  Sports & Charity  Foundation.  One of the objectives of the fundraising campaign was to raise sufficient money to assist with operating costs as the trust moved towards viability. The other objectives were to upgrade the pool, resolve obvious deferred maintenance issues and achieve savings in heating costs. Part of the plan  for achieving viability was to increase admission charges progressively. Although the upgrade and the change of cost structure has been delayed because of the planning for the redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital the trust has had to continue with progressively increasing admission charges as part of the task of keeping the pool open to the public.

The trust is now able to return to negotiations with the SDHB to obtain a long term lease of the pool and then resume the fundraising campaign. A long term lease is a critical prerequisite to being successful in seeking grants for the upgrade and donations from the public for operating costs.

A significant part of the future for the pool lies in the continued support from the public. The trustees acknowledge this support and hope that it continues.