University of Otago’s Physiotherapy School uses Pool to Teach Hydrotherapy to Students

06 June 2015

Julian O’Hagan, professional practice fellow at University of Otago’s Physiotherapy School, said the Physio Pool provided rehabilitation no other Dunedin facility could match. Losing the pool would be a step backwards. He said the health sector should be increasing the use of hydrotherapy, it is used extensively in Europe and Australia but not used as much in New Zealand. Water’s buoyancy and support made it ideal for people with injuries, while the Physio Pool’s high heat and low noise added to the benefits. In the photo below you may recognise Jakub, a physiotherapy student who is also one of the lifeguards at the pool.


Julian O’Hagan demonstrates a hydrotherapy pattern on a ”patient”, physiotherapy student Patch Harnett (20), while fellow students Jakub Kajetanowicz (22) and Alicia Hart (19) look on at Dunedin’s physio pool. Photo by Linda Robertson.

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